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Regardless of what you envision for your web presence, we have the marketing, creative, artistic, and technical depth to deliver above your expectations. Some examples of what we do -- note, this page will be updated 8/21/16:

  • Traditional Responsive Website Design: Our process delivers marketing-focused, customer-centric websites that work, effectively communicating your key messaging to all your target audiences. Turnaround: usually just three weeks from the time you approve our proposal. All sites we now build are fully responsive, meaning they work equally well on all web-enabled platforms (computers, smart phones, etc.) A key advantage: virtually unlimited design flexibility. See also JMBExpress™, below.

  • Content Management Site Design (WordPress): For companies posting large amounts of data or rapidly changing material, content management (CMS) systems such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal enable you to add, delete, or modify web content without any knowledge of traditional site design. Content management sites look no different than traditional sites -- the only difference is their back-end content management / editing capability. We can also convert traditional sites to a content management format. The one disadvantage: CMS sites must be based upon existing templates, so design flexibility is limited.

  • Traditional Website Conversions for BlackBerry®, Android, iPad, etc.: We can convert older non-responsive traditional websites so they're easily visible / usable on all web-enabled devices.
  • Multi-language Sites: We can produce sites in as many languages as you want. We write in English and use competent, seasoned native-speaking translators familiar with your areas of focus to do translations -- or you can provide translations. Our Website Gallery shows examples.
  • E-Commerce / Shopping Carts: We can create e-Commerce / Shopping Cart sites, and we can set up an intuitive "back end" where you can make your own changes, additions, or deletions, with little or no knowledge of web programming.

  • Website Redesign: If your current site needs a makeover, we'll give it a look that generates real compliments. Moreover, all our new sites are responsive.

  • Website Updates: Want to revise copy or add pages to an existing site? No problem ... we do it every day. In fact, we can custom-tailor an update program that keeps your site current at a very reasonable cost.

  • Social Media (Facebook / Twitter): We can architect your presence in Social Media including your Twitter background design . . . and we can write and place copy on both Twitter and Facebook that promotes your company on a frequency you select. We also work with any other social media platforms you're targeting.

  • Zip Code Directories With Maps: If you have a large network of dealers, wholesalers, partners, or retailers, we can enable customers to search for them via zip code or city name. In a fraction of a second, they'll see a complete "where to buy" listing with a click-through to a Google map for each retail point-of-purchase. We can also set up an intuitive back end where you can update these listings yourself, quickly and easily, without any web programming experience or knowledge.
  • Flash Websites: "Flash"-based websites animate typography. See #14 in How To Find/Qualify Website Designers to see why we never do all-Flash sites -- and why you should dismiss anyone who advocates them. We do create Flash slide shows, which display a series of visual images, when such shows are both appropriate and helpful in accomplishing your objectives. Our Website Gallery contains examples.
  • PHP, ASP, JavaScript, MySQL: Whatever specialized programming you need or whatever is appropriate to your site, we can deliver.
  • Video / Multimedia: Not only do we create slide shows, but we can also create full motion video suitable for streaming on the web. If you have existing digital video, we can reduce its file size to minimize bandwidth utilization during streaming. If you want to create a slide show from stills used in a digital company video, we can also extract those images.
  • Podcasts: We can help you create and disseminate podcasts.
  • Photo Galleries: We use a spectrum of Gallery styles/configurations; one will ideally suit your business culture and your site.

  • Blogs: We can handle every aspect of your blog, from its underlying strategy to its design, copywriting, and promotion.

  • Wikis / Web Communities: Web communities come in a spectrum of flavors. We can help you establish both the strategy and objectives for your community and recommend the most appropriate format to carry out those objectives.

  • Intranets: We write copy, create graphics, video, and whatever else you need (even technical documentation), and present it in a compelling format to keep your internal and other private audiences informed to the extent you wish. Our designers always ensure that our materials meet all your graphic standards and act as an integral part of your total web presence.
  • HTML Email Newsletters: You don't need any special mailing program that charges you per item sent to successfully do HMTL Email newsletters. We can develop formats, provide copywriting, and coordinate installation of a top-drawer mailing program that is fully featured, highly intuitive to use, and remarkably economical.
  • 3D Modeling and Animation / VFX: We work with you to create three-dimensional models of your products and/or what they do. We can also create a spectrum of visual effects (VFX).
  • Theatrical-Style 3D: When theatrical-style 3D comes to web design, we'll be there, ready to deliver your 3D website.

  • JMBExpress: New in 2015, JMBExpress utilizes web templates to create new sites for small businesses. Normally all our sites are custom-tailored to client businesses and our charges for those custom sites are very reasonable. (That's why most clients pick custom sites.) But businesses just starting out or facing other challenges can now choose this very economical alternative. The major positive: you still get our seasoned marketing and technical expertise behind every word custom-written for your site. The sole negative: since templates are involved, you competitor's site could wind up looking like yours -- and template-based sites are not truly customizable. Got questions? Just Contact Us and we'll be happy to respond.

  • Much More: Our parent, JMB Communications, provides complete marketing communications and PR programs for business. Check out the JMB website.

These are just a few examples. Looking for something else? Contact us. To see many samples of our work, just click this link.

Updated August 21, 2016


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